Top rated online fax services

sending a fax online

Gone are the days when people were using fax machines when sending or receiving a fax. In the modern days, more people have embraced the use of the internet. This has allowed them to send and receive faxes from their computers. This has made the process very efficient because you can send a fax from home or office.

This article is going to highlight the best fax services that you can use to send a fax online. Once you are done with entering the text, you can easily upload the document stored on the computer. A portable computer can also be used in converting a paper file to a digital document for faxing. Any individual using online fax services is given a fax number.


sending pdf by fax

This service is used for sending faxes anywhere in Canada and the US for free. It is a service that allows users to upload their PDF files or word document and then enter their text into faxes. It works by placing ads on the cover pages. However, this service is limited, and it can only be used in sending five free faxes daily. Again, each fax should not exceed three pages. A charge of $1.99 is paid for the faxes having more than three pages. This is one of the accredited online fax services.



This service is mainly used for sending faxes that do not have ads on the cover page. You can use it when sending faxes anywhere in Canada and the United States. Users are allowed to send two free faxes daily, each having up to three pages. However, any fax exceeding three pages is charged depending on the number of pages. A fax ranging from four to ten pages is charged $0.98. Any fax ranging between ten to twenty pages is charged $ 0.98, and those exceeding twenty pages are charged $. 1.98. The premium services are given priority.


Services are free and very easy to join. It allows new users to send three fax pages for free. It has inbuilt support for, Google documents, and Dropbox. Users who have upgraded are given their fax numbers. It is available for Microsoft Windows, the internet, iPhone/iPad, Mac OS X, Blackberry 10, and Android. It can also be used with Skype. Individuals who have been provided with fax numbers can send multiple documents when sending a single fax.

eFax Free

Its users are given a fax number for free. Individuals using this service are required to have an eFax document that enables them to view software. eFax is useful for sending or receiving light faxes. You can send up to ten free faxes monthly. A charge of $ 16.95 is paid by people sending or receiving more than ten faxes monthly. However, the average cost per month is $ 14.13 for those people who have subscribed annually.