Reasons to buy the iPhone x phone


The iPhone x is taking the world by storm and people are buying the phone every day. Since it is the latest iPhone version, some numerous improvements have been made. Some people still argue that the previous iPhone 8 version is better than the iPhone x. The truth is that when it comes to iPhones, the choice is solely based on personal needs and uses of the phone. You will realize that everyone is looking for features that will benefit their personal needs and uses of the phone. However, the iPhone x is truly a great gadget to own.


Why you should buy the iPhone x phone

Big screen

At the first impression, you will notice the big screen of the iPhone x. The screen is even bigger than the iPhone 8 plus screen. The iPhone 8 plus is 5.5 inches compared to the iPhone x that has 5.8 inches. We all know the advantages that come with having a big screen. With a big screen, you have a good viewing experience, and this means that watching videos and even browsing is good.

Good display

Most of the phones are judged just by looking at the display, and the iPhone x doesn’t disappoint. With the iPhone x, you will get color accuracy and sharpness when looking at images and watching videos. The reasons for the good display of the iPhone x is the technology that is used on the screen. With iPhone x, you get the latest OLED screen compared to the ordinary LED screen that you get with the previous iPhone 8.

Security features

The previous iPhone versions used fingerprints and the home screen button to unlock the phone. However, the iPhone x has taken things a note higher. The home button is not there in the iPhone x, and instead, it uses facial recognition to unlock the phone. You will be surprised to know that the facial recognition feature is still very active even in the dark. The new way of unlocking the iPhone x is a good and enhanced security feature.


Good camera

It will be unfair to talk about the new iPhone x without talking about the camera. The camera is one of the most important features for iPhone users, and it is important to acknowledge the camera of the iPhone x. The selfie camera has features like portrait lighting; emoji’s that mimic your facial expressions and other interesting features.