Technology Innovations that Contribute to Nature Conservation

Green Housing

The industrial revolution has led humanity to be more profit-oriented than nature-conserving. Industries are inseparable from humanity sustainability and have become the sole standard for the national welfare. The impact is that the enormous amount of pollutant waste and lavish natural resources exploitation for the industries’ manufacturing process.

However, the course of technology innovation does not seem to be on the track of becoming the scourge of Mother Nature. Here we are going to discuss innovations that can conserve nature.

Paper digitalization

DigitalizationWebsites, PDF books, online newspaper, and email are basically paper digitalization. We have been living with them, and they have become like the air we breathe. It is there and vital to our life, but we are not necessarily aware of its presence and significance.

Books that take thousands of pages can appear only on one screen. With paper digitalization, we do not need to chop down an old tree only to imprint our humanly thoughts on the dead tree’s bark.

The paperless movement has been adopted by academic, business, and even governmental institution. Office workers have found out that by using the digital documenting system, they can save a lot of time from being wasted on looking for a file in the document cabinets.

President Obama committed his time to decree a paperless record system for governmental business in 2015. Although getting rid of paper entirely will be improbable, but any small effort counts these days. Paper is indeed recyclable, but the energy cost for the recycling process itself surpasses its production.

Household biogas unit

The amount of waste a household can produce every day is ridiculously a lot. There are tons of thrown veggies, fruits, and cooking remaining that are for nothing.
Household biogas unit is designed to turn household waste to become biogas. It can be used for cooking, water heating, and other activities that need fire.

Household solar panel

solar panel houseInstalling solar panels has been the way to reduce households’ reliance on fossil fuel or government’s generator. Many companies with project-based approaches, such as Project Solar UK, offer detailed lectures on how a household solar panel can save a significant amount of energy. It also holds a license that guarantees any project offered on the site is handled by professionals.

If your house is not in the area that gets a lot of sun exposure, installing a solar panel still can be an option. It does not have to cover the entire electricity and energy use of the house. For example, the solar panel water heaters that are on the market will still save you the gas and generator’s electricity.

The only problem that might be tough to face is the installation procedures. Dealing with electricity without any help from professional is dangerous.